Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Where can I download the app?
A:The app can be downloaded by using the link below.
Please note, Wi-Fi connection is required to facilitate the download.
Charges may apply depending on the type of your Internet connection. Please check with your network provider.

Q:The app does not launch properly. What should I do?
A:Please check the type of device and OS you are using. The versions recommended for this app are as follows:
iOS 14 and later, iPhone 8 or above, iPad Pro (second generation or later), Android 10 or above, Galaxy S20 or Xperia 1 II.
Please check here for more details.

Q:How do I use the app?
A:Please refer to the “Ways to Experience” section of the official website.

Q:How much does it cost?
A:The app is free.
However, please be aware separate network charges may apply.

Q:Can I use the app on my feature (non-smartphone) phone?
A:No. The app can only be used on smartphones and tablets with the supported operating systems.

If you still have any questions, please email us at the address below.

Please note, we may not respond to inquires unrelated to this app.