Reverse RealityReverse Reality
Reverse RealityReverse Reality
Kabuki Shakkyo Kabuki Shakkyo



The earthly manifestation of an otherworldly being <The Spirit of the Lion>

Among peonies overflowing with scent, as though playing,
it's behavior seems outlandish in this world <Reality>.

It transcends, overflows, and rewrites all things.
Eventually, reason is overturned <Reverse>.

There, the world is inverted <reverse reality>.
Everything is tilted in a merged and exaggerated reality.



In this performance, you will experience the everyday space in which you live, while witnessing the transcendental beings that influence each other before your very eyes.

The environment (device) required for the experience:

a Smartphone or tablet


By watching the work "Presence" together with the online video that will be released at a specific time and date, you can enjoy a "special performance" that will make it a richer experience.
Please check the performance information below for the date and time of the event.

The environment (device) required for the experience:

Monitors such as PCs and TVs that can play online videos,
a Smartphone or tablet


Kataoka Ainosuke

Cast: Kataoka Ainosuke
Choreographer: Fujima Kanjuro

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INTO by Shochiku

incl. Reverse Reality

KABUKI Performance "Shakkyo"
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[Recommended operating environment]
iOS14 or above
iPhone 8 or above
iPad Pro (2nd generation or above)
/ Android 10 or above
Galaxy S20
Xperia 1 II

Available in these countries:
Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, U.K., U.S.A.


A dedicated video of the AR performance will be premiered on YouTube on February 24, 2021 (Wednesday) at 8:00 pm !(Japan time GMT+9:00.)

Please refer to the details.